Define the Three Types of Retainers and How to Keep Them Clean

After the removal of braces, most dentists recommend a period of wearing retainers so that the teeth which have somewhat been repositioned do not slip back into their earlier positions and spoil the effect of the orthodontic treatment.

It is a fact that it takes up to a year’s time for the periodontal ligaments to become firm so that the newly repositioned teeth do not go back to their previous position. Thus, it is wise to listen to the orthodontist in the manner which he prescribes for wearing retainers.
Most orthodontists ask their patients to put on their retainers 24×7 for a given number of months. After this, they are to wear the retainers for again a given duration of time but only during the night. There exist three types of retainers, as on date. These are:

1. Hawley Retainers – these are made with metal and acrylic. The wire in this type of retainer goes across the front portion of the teeth and the acrylic moulds properly inside the mouth portion. This type of retainer come in a huge variety of colors and styles and one can choose and select from this array. These retainers are very adjustable and hence, the orthodontist is required every now and then to make minor adjustments to them. However, these are very prominent while wearing and also the patient may develop a tendency for lisping while wearing them at first.
2. The Essix retainer is made with molded clear plastic. It looks a lot like an Invisalign aligner. This category of retainer does not stand out prominently and is not all that noticeable. Thus, a large number of patients prefer to go in for this style. Nonetheless, there are some disadvantages which come packaged along with this type of retainer as well. For one, it does not permit the top and bottom teeth to touch in what is termed a “natural” manner. In addition, these do not last as long as the Hawley retainers do.
3. The permanent bonded retainer is the kind which stays in the mouth region all the time. It is bonded or stuck onto the back of the teeth. In most events, this type of retainer is positioned behind the six front teeth in the lower jaw. This does its job of retaining teeth in a very proper manner.
Whichever the style of retainer you opt for, it is necessary to keep them as clean as is possible at all times. Keep brushing teeth at least twice each day for at least two minutes duration each time. This really goes a long way in keeping the teeth clean and tidy. Also, if it is not possible to brush as often as one can, try to rinse the mouth thoroughly well each time after consuming food or drink. Also, dental flossing at least once a day is a good idea to keep your dental set as healthy as you can.
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