Five Ideas About Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Most of us wish to have hairless skin at all times. Methods like shaving, waxing and plucking are only temporary measures. Laser treatment for hair removal is the answer to all our problems regarding this issue. The actual reason for permanent hair going missing is that with the laser light, the hair follicle gets destroyed and hence the hair does not grow back.

1. Though the term laser seems very scary to some, the actual procedure is pretty straightforward. The charge from the laser gets attracted to the pigment of the hair follicle. This will totally destroy the root of the hair and leave it paralysed so that more hair cannot grow out of it.

2. There are different types of lasers for hair removal. The first is Alexandrite. This is the quickest of all lasers and it is an advisable method when one has to do hair removal for bigger areas of the body. This is also most suited for those people who have very fair to wheat colour complexions.

The second is Nd: YAG. This is a long pulse laser and is one which can be utilised for all skin types. Even tanned skin can be made hairless with this laser beam. However, it is not all that functional when it comes to hair which is very light or very fine in texture. The third laser type is Diode which is very useful for light as well as dark skin.

3. It is a fact that laser beam can be made use of for hair removal in almost all parts of the body. However, what has been found is that it is most useful on the bikini, lip, chin and underarm parts. Also, what has been observed is that laser treatment works best with dark and thick hair. The laser beam is found to be attracted in some which way to pigment and this is the most in dark and rough hair. The more that it gets focussed on one particular segment, the easier it is for the pigment there to get destroyed and no hair growth from that follicle in future.

4. One has to be careful that one does not get the best HPV Warts Removal treatment done if you are on certain medications. For instance, any medicines which are photosensitive in nature will have to be done without for about seven days before the laser treatment is done. Also, most antibiotics are photosensitive, hence, if you are suffering from any ailment and taking these, do not go in for laser therapy just then.

5. Certain other chemicals hinder the progress of laser therapy. Any skincare lotions and potions with active substances like retinoids and alfa hydroxy acids should be avoided. These chemicals can make the skin much more sensitive than it is otherwise. Thus, laser treatment is done along with their use, it will lead to a lot of skin irritation and cause discomfort to the patient.


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