New Sanitary Auger Fillers

New Sanitary Auger Fillers Improve Filling Accuracy

The packaging industry has now got a brilliant solution to keep its packing procedures hygienic as well as speedy. Technology, yet once again, has taken their world to a higher level. The new sanitary auger fillers have made the whole system of Auger Filling more systematic and efficient. It is majorly used for dietary supplement industries in order to meet the demands of bulk production in minimum time.

The Auger Filler machines are designed to enhance the productivity and profitability for packagers of dry fill products. The Sanitary fillers are specifically meant to meet the hygiene standards of the rigorous and bulk packaging of dairy powders, pharmaceutical powders, and other consumption products that demand high hygiene. It increases the productivity of the bulk packing line as well the capacity of the loader feeding the line.

The New Sanitary Auger Filler by Spee-dee has set a benchmark in the packaging world because of its intrinsic features that enable safety and speed for the employers, and sanitary for the consumers at the same time. Its design improves filling accuracy, making sure only the right amount of content is added to the container minimizing the risk of wastage of the product.

Where earlier the machines tended to overfill the container in order to make sure that the consumer receives the specified amount, the new design reduces the chances of overfilling by 4%. The new dual filling of the Sanitary Auger fillers makes it possible to fill accurately the specified amount in the container. Each filler only half-fills the container in order to maximize the accuracy.

The new Auger fillers locate all the mechanical connections and and catch points around the area which further reduces the chances of any foreign elements to enter the product. This gives their product an accuracy in terms of quality. It tries its best to deliver just what and just how much it is needed. It is also physically designed in a way that minimizes the risk of the corruption of the product.

The fabrications and materials of these sanitary fillers are specifically designed for packaging perishable dry products that require careful hygiene standards. When designing sanitary fillers, the Spee-Dee engineering team focused on the problems that the industry faced and improvised it by increased accuracy and high functionality. The new engineered structure also gives more scope to better cleaning of the machines.

Its features include domed hopper cover, no fasteners in product area, agitator seal design prevents infusion, quick disconnect hopper clamps, servo motor precision auger control, sloped shroud design, and tri-clamp tooling funnel connection. These features have made it highly recommended by the consumers of this product.

“The equipment has been very reliable, and from a sanitary aspect they’re right where we need them to be. I don’t think we’ve suffered any downtime related to the fillers. Working with Spee-Dee has been a positive experience; they bring a lot to the table and I’d certainly recommend them again,” says Miller, one of Spee-dee’s customers.


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