How to Prevent Insect Menace with Perimeter Treatment in York, Pa

Perimeter treatment, in effect, functions as a first line of defense around any residential or office structure. This kind of treatment is highly advisable to insect-proof your house against outdoor pests like boxelder bugs, stink bugs, and Asian lady beetles.

Via perimeters, insect treatment is done and this forms a barrier to prevent insect entry. In most events, this forms a three feet wide zone – this is in two directions – one is from the ground up the wall of the home or office and the second is from the house wall to the outside environment.
It is best to get the perimeter wall in place before insects start migrating inside the house. Sometimes, insects tend to move inwards when winter is about to set in. As is obvious, this is to save themselves from the low temperatures outside.

How is perimeter treatment done?

Insecticides which are used for such insect treatment by using the perimeter method come in granular as well as liquid forms. Ready for use sprays which can be attached to a hose and made of concentrations which will kill are used in this method. One can also dilute the insecticide concentrate and use it with a hand held sprayer.

Granular insecticides are applied by using a hand held spreader. What works best is that one creates a continuous band without any gaps to form a proper barrier. Also, it is best to treat soil, turf, mulch and walkways next to the wall foundation and porches. When you use liquid insecticides, it is advisable to spray in the direction in which the wind is moving.

It is also a must to spray at meeting points between window frames and doors, edges et al. Methodical insect treatment also involves the removal of vegetation from twelve to twenty four inches of the house so that insects will not be able to cross over via leaves. If you feel there are too many insects to watch out from, widen the area of the perimeter band to about ten feet.

If you feel that the insect threat is very ominous and potent, it is then yours to take a call to approach for professional help. Take for instance, a case if thousands of stink bugs or other insects enter the house area. This is the time to approach someone who is adept at handling the situation. One may not be able to handle it oneself. Professional help is very necessary at times when you have termite infestation – this needs to be handled with very proper care. Termites is one variety of insects which can really create havoc with the wooden structuring of your home or office. The threat from them is so ominous that you have to be careful of the very foundation of your building or floor getting totally eaten away by them. Thus, insect treatment is required in such cases.
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