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Video Marketing – The Do’s and Don’ts… And Some Secret Mantra

Most entrepreneurs don’t have a degree in film production and you can’t blame them. They didn’t go to a film school. But as the video has become an important inbound marketing services cleveland, entrepreneurs and marketers have to learn the ropes.

Marketers need good narrative skills to tell their stories in an engaging way. With the current competition, marketing has become more difficult than ever. Now you have to tell engaging stories and connect with your audience. But you’re not alone – there is a lot of help available. Video marketing companies in USA can help you create inspiring videos that strike a chord with your customer.

Marketers don’t need a degree in filmmaking to become amazing storytellers. They just have to follow these simple rules.

Tell them what they want to hear

As a marketer, you may have your own ideas about the stories people should hear. However, in marketing, giving them what they want to hear is the key. Effective story telling is a bit like showing social courtesy. You should talk to your audience in the way they communicate. When you understand your audience and tell them what they like to hear, they are more likely to engage with you.

One example is Metro’s “Dumb Ways to Die” where they warned travelers about potential dangers using a fun animation.

Want to create fun and exciting videos for your company? Credibase has an extensive list of video marketing companies Chicago. You can watch some of their videos here before picking the right company for your needs.

Get real people to tell the story

Talking heads do not help. We have seen numerous commercials and brand videos in which an actor or a CEO recites a script. It no longer sounds convincing. Then why do brands hire actors to feature in their commercials? It is easy, but it no longer works. The people who talk about a product should be the ones who actually have a good relationship with it. If you can find such people and get them to talk on camera, the result will be spectacular. Need help with creating videos? Video marketing companies in IL listed on Credibase can help you.

Grab attention with pre-roll videos

Pre-roll videos grab attention more effectively. They are shorter. Most of them last just 15 to 30 seconds. The secret to creating great pre-roll videos is making the first few seconds compelling. This way, you can prevent the user from scrolling past the video. Pre-roll videos are quite popular on social media. They are entertaining and not sales-y.

These behind the scenes videos can actually be a great tool to promote your brand. Your customers and visitors will love them. Also, showing people how things work in your company is a great way to make a personal connection with them. If you can eliminate the distance between you and your customer, you can get closer to conversion.

Video marketing companies in Illinois have years of experience in creating authentic videos that tell brand stories. And the top Illinois companies are listed here on Credibase.

Watch your metrics

Once you have released a video, you should know how it is performing. YouTube provides some free analytics. Paid services like Wistia or Vimeo are even better. They provide deep insights into how people are watching and sharing your videos. Take a moment to check out the video marketing companies in IL listed on Credibase.

Tell their stories

Another way to engage with your customers is to tell their stories. Of course, you have to obtain their permission before you can create videos featuring them. These videos serve two purposes. They will turn your existing customers into loyal fans. They will also attract new customers who are inspired by your customer videos and would like to have the same positive experiences. You’ll find many video marketing companies in Illinois that can provide such services.

Use the right tools to create your videos

You don’t need special tools to shoot a regular video. There are several social media apps that allow users to shoot videos right in their platforms.

If you want to create something more professional, you should consider using Adobe After Effects, Camtasia, and PowToon. To create a video using one of these tools, you should have a working knowledge of them. Hire a professional if you want to create professional looking videos. A video marketing service in Chicago can help you create those compelling videos you have been meaning to create for a while.

Let the story unfold itself

If your video follows a set formula, it will most likely seem stiff and uninspiring. Some video marketers get obsessed with a formula. Editing gimmicks that sometimes work may become stale if they are widely imitated. So don’t fall into those traps. Media trends have a short lifecycle and things can become clichés fast.

Include a call-to-action

Why are you using videos in the first place? Let your audience know what you expect them to do. If you want them to click through to your website after seeing a product video, include a link where they can find more information. A video marketing service in Chicago can help you create great videos that engage your customers.


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