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What Can Chiropractic Massage Therapy Treat?

Many people who suffer from sciatica or back pain wonder if they should visit a chiropractor or a massage therapist to treat the pain that they are experiencing.

Chiropractic is the ideal treatment for any problems of the bones and nerves, yet it is also true that a massage for sciatica pain can be highly effective. In reality, it does not have to be a choice between one treatment or the other.

Chiropractic massage therapy is an increasingly recognized therapeutic modality, where elements of massage therapy and therapeutic touch are incorporated into a chiropractic practice of manual adjustment of the spine.

People who have been successfully treated with chiropractic massage therapy note great pain relief and comfort from the very first appointment.

Chiropractic Massage for Sciatica Pain

Massage for sciatica pain is among the most commonly requested treatments within any massage therapy practice. Sciatica pain can be severe and unrelenting, and many people who suffer from sciatica report a considerably reduced quality of life

Incorporating chiropractic adjustments is a simple way to maximize the effectiveness of your massage for sciatica pain treatments. This is because sciatica is primarily a condition of the sciatic nerve, and chiropractic is the science of treating the nerves and the entire nervous system.

Through manipulations of the spinal bones during massage treatments, a chiropractor will ensure that your spine is optimally alighted for the health of your sciatic nerve and entire body.

Chiropractic Massage for Back Pain

Chiropractic massage is most commonly used to treat back pain. The chiropractic aspect of the treatment works to realign the spine and the nerves to alleviate any areas of inadequate or incorrect innervation and relieve pain and discomfort to the back.

Meanwhile, the massage aspect of the treatments works on sore and tired muscles and allows for a deep tissue release. In addition to the therapeutic and comfort aspect of simply being touched, massage is an excellent relaxation strategy, targeting the muscles of the back that support the spine.

While massage therapy works almost instantly to reduce pain and pressure to the back and promote comfort, chiropractic adjustments work on a longer-term basis to keep the spine and back in optimal health.

Other Uses of Chiropractic Massage

The beauty of chiropractic massage therapy is that it can be used to treat a wide range of diverse health conditions that extend far beyond back pain and sciatica.

In fact, aspects of massage therapy and chiropractic care have been used in holistic health traditions across the world for millennia to keep people healthy and well.

From arthritis to gastroesophageal reflux disease, there are few diseases that cannot be treated by massage therapy and chiropractic care in combination.

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